The Resurrection of Russia

28 02 2015

The Resurrection of Russiaby David Halliday

The Death of Lou Grant

26 02 2015

Death of Lou GrantThis book grew out of a much larger book about television and murder. I was writing about fantasies, the fantasies we have both about the lives of media stars and the lives of criminals. The Mary Tyler Moore Show became the background story for a man who is having a heart attack and is having his life flash before him. Except it isn’t his life, it is the life of Lou Grant, one of the fictional characters on the MTM Show.

I was trying to remember what I saw so absorbing about this kind of story. And I think it goes back to my reading of Plato’s ‘cave’ and Marshal McLuhan. We think we live in a world that exists in reality. But that reality is a creation of our species. Shadows on the wall. So what is real? That is the eye in the potato.

The Death of Lou Grant.

Terrorism on tour…

30 01 2015

Terrorism on Tourby David Halliday


Isis has taken advantage of our television/internet networks move to make NEWS entertainment. Its not the coverage of the event that bothers me as it is the constant yammering on CNN, FOX, etc. They treat everything like a football highlight.



Ironing out the wrinkles…

29 01 2015

Ironing out the wrinklesby David Halliday


reality for human beings is a blind consensus, something we learn and something we are limited by our senses. But the mind feels the walls.


Memorial to the decomposing…

24 01 2015

Memorial to the decomposingby David Halliday


Is the ordinary life a creation of ‘modern times’? And is it the ideal?

Atlas Shrugged

11 01 2015

Atlas Shruggedby David Halliday


to Ayn Rand, one of the most delusional academics…

The Fourth Floor

8 01 2015

The Fourth Floorby David Halliday

Intentionality is a dangerous game.


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