an arm in the lawn…

29 03 2015

an arm in the lawnby David Halliday

Stanhope Alexander Forbes

29 03 2015

I don’t know how I feel about Forbes’ work. In itself. But a good part of me is Irish and this documents some of the places, some of the world, my great grandparents might have lived. I think there is something to be said for that. You can see it in some  homes. Pictures of the old country. Its an emotional anchor. The feeling that you came from some place. That you or your family had a history.

But… I don’t feel attached to any of it. Me and my friends (whose parents came from Italy, Slovakia, South Africa) are more attached to our western Toronto suburb of Islington. In particular The Six Points. I don’t know with the internet etc. if that will be the same for the new generation. Perhaps their roots will be in Ipads and Blackberrys.

a body near the lake…

28 03 2015

a body near the lakeby David Halliday

Jeff Haynes

28 03 2015

Imprinting human images on landscapes that they seem strangers to.  Like ghosts. Is this the yearning of the planet for us? Jeff Haynes.

Exile © Jeff HaynesDecision © Jeff HaynesIMG_3389cwPresence 7 © Jeff Haynes

Vladimir Kush

28 03 2015

Vladimir Kush (born 1965) is a Russian born surrealist painter and sculptor. He studied at the Surikov Moscow Art Institute, and after several years working as an artist in Moscow, his native city, he emigrated to the United States, eventually establishing his own gallery on the island of Maui in Hawaii.

Besides being a very fine artist, Kush is a good businessman, having opened several galleries. I find his work to be very inventive if not somewhat sentimental.

you can’t buy anything for a nickel…

28 03 2015

you can't buy anything for a nickelby David Halliday

Dominic Wilcox

27 03 2015

Whimsical. Humor. Fun. Its like a series of Leonardo Da Vinci fart jokes. Good for the soul.

Image result for Dominic Wilcox


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