When world’s explode…

24 05 2015

When Worlds Explodeby David Halliday

The ugly face of time…

24 05 2015

The Ugly Face of the Time MachineCV2by David Halliday

Misha Dontsov

24 05 2015

A nice range of interesting and eclectic photographs.




Peter Gric

24 05 2015

Peter Gric. A post-apocalyptic world. Dominated by rocks. And giganticism. In which the human figures look like insect remains. The only survivors. There are stories in these paintings. Waiting to be told.

Lucas Cranach the Elder

24 05 2015

Lucas Cranach the Elder was born in 1492. Which makes him quite old. If he had lived to our time he would have made a great portfolio for a crime drama. He was a portrait painter. He painted the famous painting of Martin Luther. And others. His subjects are not at all attractive. But they are accurate. (I lived in the Flemish part of Belgium and you see these faces in the market every weekend.) He also painted nudes. Lots of them. All young women, very young women. With odd shaped bodies. Which is also accurate. Most of us have odd shaped bodies. (My head is huge.) And speaking of heads, Cranach created a lot of paintings of young women with males heads hanging from their fists. Cranach seemed obsessed with beheadings.

I especially appreciate the leg room…

24 05 2015

I especially appreciate the leg room.by David Halliday


Hitchcock humor.

Pieces of the sky falling down…

23 05 2015

Pieces of the sky kept falling downby David Halliday


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