Nigel Tomm

19 04 2015

When I was about 13, a friend and I found a shopping bag filled with magazines of naked women. As you can imagine this was Valhalla for teenage boys. But all the magazines had been soaked in weeks of rain. As we opened the magazines, the pages peeled off like skin. The ink from one page ran off onto the picture on the opposite page. Very bizarre pictures were created. This is what crossed my mind when I ran across Nigel Tomm’s work. And it completely blew me away. The images are crumpled, almost disposable. And they are very powerful.

The Saint of the Twentieth Centure

18 04 2015

The Saint of the 20th Centuryby David Halliday

The Day After Christmas

18 04 2015

CCF12272008_00000 CCF12272008_00001 CCF12272008_00002 CCF12272008_00003 CCF12272008_00004 CCF12272008_00005 CCF12272008_00006The anticipation of Christmas is always greater than Christmas itself. Presents and the religious significance aside, the holiday like all holidays has a dark shadow.

Maria Machatova

18 04 2015

Maria Machatova. You can taste the sense of timelessness that is an afternoon at the beach.

Javier Pinon

18 04 2015

His collages are fun. Humor is one of the key elements. There is a Western theme to the lot. Its like a masquerade party.

she’s not a girl who listens much…

18 04 2015

she's not a girl who listens muchby David Halliday

The Great Race

18 04 2015

Something about boys makes them very competitive at a young age. Often this leads to arguments, even fights. This time it led to the Great Race.

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