a series of events with no explanation

27 02 2015

a series of events with no explanation..by David Halliday

a night on the town

26 02 2015

a night on the town..by David Halliday

Masao Yamamoto

26 02 2015

Masao Yamamoto8be48e24b8164468137df23d9124b8c0 Masao Yamamoto120px-MasaoYamamoto Masao Yamamoto183 Masao Yamamoto2657 Masao YamamotogetScaledPicture.php Masao Yamamotohqdefault Masao Yamamotol Masao Yamamotolarge Masao YamamotoLarge_H300xW300 Masao YamamotoMasao Yamamoto (6) Masao Yamamotomasao-yamamoto3-via-fantomatik75 Masao YamamotoYamamoto11 Masao_Yamamoto-1400-de-la-serie-Nakazora-2006-orphanworkYou can see where his sensitivities lie. In the small. The fragile.

The Death of Lou Grant

26 02 2015

Death of Lou GrantThis book grew out of a much larger book about television and murder. I was writing about fantasies, the fantasies we have both about the lives of media stars and the lives of criminals. The Mary Tyler Moore Show became the background story for a man who is having a heart attack and is having his life flash before him. Except it isn’t his life, it is the life of Lou Grant, one of the fictional characters on the MTM Show.

I was trying to remember what I saw so absorbing about this kind of story. And I think it goes back to my reading of Plato’s ‘cave’ and Marshal McLuhan. We think we live in a world that exists in reality. But that reality is a creation of our species. Shadows on the wall. So what is real? That is the eye in the potato.

The Death of Lou Grant.

Lars Henkel

26 02 2015

Lars Henel is both original and derivative. Blue prints, surveyor notes, balance sheets, sewing prints, all antiquities from an early era. I found some of his work cold and indifferent. Still othes are filled with ambiance. Though little humour.

This work improves with viewing. I had some indifference with it before but now the some has disappeared. For apprehension.


Agate Apkalne

26 02 2015

Beautiful work, mostly relating to a feminine perspective on childhood and fantasy. Or so I am guessing.

Agate Apkalne5 Agate Apkalneagate-apkalne-4 Agate Apkalneagate-apkalne14 Agate Apkalnecherries Agate Apkalnefriendly-encounter Agate Apkalneparallel-worlds Agate Apkalneparallel-worlds-ii Agate Apkalnetumblr_nilhsafZ8a1t6w45po1_128Agate Apkalne0 Agate Apkalnewhos-the-boss

roommate killed over pork chop…

25 02 2015

Roommate killed over pork chopby David Halliday


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