The Occidental Tourist

27 04 2015

The Occidental Touristby David Halliday

The Bob Hope Classic

26 04 2015

The Bob Hope Classicby David Halliday

Joshua Hagler

26 04 2015

Working for over a decade in the San Francisco Bay Area, Hagler has recently relocated to Los Angeles.  Known mainly for his large-scale semi-figurative canvases, the work has followed a natural evolution in the artists’s personal exploration and anxiety around religious thought and its history.  Since 2006, he has exhibited his paintings and multi-media installations throughout North America and Europe, including several solo exhibitions.  

Self Portrait as the Needed EnemyEasy Boy come on down from them hills says some words seemed lost in abstraction then went on back

Max Bucaille

26 04 2015

I tried to remember if I had ever created anything like Bucaille’s work. I love this work. Versions of this are probably the first collages I discovered. Its as if we have been drawn into another dimension, another reality.

His work started in the 1940s. There is very little info about him except that he was good with numbers. And words. And that he had an obsession with his hair. Losing it. He also was not in shape. Failed to crack the rowing team at Oxford. Although I’m not sure he went to the school. Short sighted in his left eye he had an acute sense of smell.

Quit singing

26 04 2015

quit singingby David Halliday

Luciano Borin

25 04 2015

This is lovely work. It has the appeal of light and shadows. I’m not sure I understand all the metaphors in it but I do like it. Lucian Borin.

Sosta in panchinaFiori alla finestraFrancescaIl passaggo dell'anatraGiulia e il bracco

Black tops

25 04 2015

I’ve always been fascinated by black velvet paintings. They are so tacky that they are fun. Although I don’t think I’d actually hang one in my home. Or maybe I would. I did a series of pictures that I saw as black velvet paintings. I called them black tops.

Balance of Nature Fire Island Night Flock


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