George Hugnet

25 05 2015

Hugnet was part of the surrealist movement in the 30s. He was later expelled from the group. In a lot of his work he seems preoccupied with females. But he does little with the form. Like a lot of early collages, his work appears frantic, slapped down in a  hurry to give an impression of a lack of concentrated thought. As if the images did not come from intelligence but impulse.

The ugly face of time…

24 05 2015

The Ugly Face of the Time MachineCV2by David Halliday

Misha Dontsov

24 05 2015

A nice range of interesting and eclectic photographs.




Pieces of the sky falling down…

23 05 2015

Pieces of the sky kept falling downby David Halliday

Gillian Hyland

23 05 2015

Originally from Ireland, Gillian Hyland believes storytelling is part of her heritage. Her narrative series “Words in Sight” is inspired by poetry she has written over the past decade. She creates imaginative, theatrical environments in which she evokes emotion through colour, symbolism, texture and atmosphere. The composition of each image suggests a larger narrative within a single moment and explores Hyland’s sense of self within society.

He remembered everything…

23 05 2015

He remembered everythingby David Halliday

And the word was made flesh…

22 05 2015

And The Word Was Made Fleshby David Halliday


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