Maggie Taylor

3 03 2015

There is something of the naive artist in Maggie Taylor’s work. I imagine Rousseau. It is something about the mood. As you look at her work you find yourself delighted and then… bored. They have a voice but the voice is the same. It is a wonderful voice. But it reminds me of the book covers in stores where every book of a line of work will be a variation of the other. Its like a sales pitch. Or ‘branding’. Still, I do like to look at her work.

Don’t say another word…

3 03 2015

don't say another wordby David Halliday

Eric Bowman

1 03 2015

I love this whole line of paintings dealing with people at work. And Bowman’s catches those moments so successfully.

Andrew Mamo

1 03 2015

I love this guy’s work. Andrew Mamo. It’s as if you superimposed the fantastic upon ambiance. I hear a siren. Which reminds me of the story. Of a friend of mine who was taken away by the police in handcuffs. And kept asking them if he could show them a card trick.

the speech from the throne

1 03 2015

the speech from the David Halliday

a series of events with no explanation

27 02 2015

a series of events with no David Halliday

Lars Henkel

26 02 2015

Lars Henel is both original and derivative. Blue prints, surveyor notes, balance sheets, sewing prints, all antiquities from an early era. I found some of his work cold and indifferent. Still othes are filled with ambiance. Though little humour.

This work improves with viewing. I had some indifference with it before but now the some has disappeared. For apprehension.


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