Einstein and Genova on the beach

22 05 2015

Einstein and Genova on the beachby David Halliday

God of Six Points

22 05 2015

Islington House Jack Sirdevan Johnsons Kingsway Malton Airport Mary Maureen O'Hara Old Bill Old Jack Palais Royale Shack Shanahan Place SilverthornI wrote a novel several years ago called The God of Six Points. Originally I had included these illustrations in the novel. It was a story about a man who believed he was God. Or at least a god. To the outside world he was suffering from delusions (alzheimers) but to him he was travelling in time. (http://www.amazon.com/The-God-Points-David-Halliday-ebook/dp/B000JMKN10)…

Thomas Hart Benton

21 05 2015

His work has ‘America’ watermarked all over it. It is about hard work, honesty, humility and strength. It is filled with caricatures, cliches, sentimentalism. Some of it reminds me of Stalinesque art. Others remind me of the ‘Sunday funnies’. I know that Thomas Hart Benton is not a great artist. But I like looking at his work. In the same way that I glance at the magazine stand when I’m lined up to buy my groceries.

cafe life in the rococo style

21 05 2015

Cafe life in the Rococo styleby David Halliday

Annie Leibovitz

20 05 2015

I love this woman’s work. Many of her shots look like staged collages. Instead of cut and paste she uses props and costumes. You can go through her work and marvel at its quantity and quality. Annie Leibovitz. Her name looks like a photograph.

Francesco Andreani

20 05 2015

wonderful portraits… Reminds me of Freud’s work. Or Goya.

in ascoltoremake goyaremake bacon 3studio2scivolando nell'errore

Bumper Sticker

20 05 2015

Bumper Stickerby David Halliday


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