mie on the beach

20 09 2014

mie on the beach

Michael attends the grand opening of ‘art in the city’…

19 09 2014

Michael attends the grand opening of 'art in the city'

gods of mars

19 09 2014

gods of MarsThe face on Mars is my friend and fellow artist Ed Kuris.


by David Halliday

Jean-Francois Rauzier

19 09 2014

Rauzier is an experience. If you haven’t seen his work you’re in for a real treat. Expect to go back to his site several times and stay for long periods. Its just fascinating stuff. He could charge admission.

JFRausier1 JFRausier2 JFRausier3 JFRausier4 JFRausier5 JFRausier6 JFRausier7 JFRausier8 JFRausier9 JFRausier10

everything is impossible…

18 09 2014

Everything is impossibleby David Halliday


17 09 2014



by david Halliday

a kiss is still a kiss

17 09 2014

a kiss is still a kiss


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