Smithism triumphs over Leninism

22 08 2014

Smithism triumphs over Leninism2by David Halliday

Damian Klaczkiewicz

22 08 2014

The paintings are of young women in their 20s. Half naked. And beautiful. They are advertised as impressionist. I’m not sure what they are. Mostly they are smaltzy and in bad taste. The best of Damian Klaczkiewicz’s work have stories.

Damian Klaczkiewicz - ImpressioniArtistiche-23 Damian Klaczkiewicz - Tutt'Art@ - (4) Damian Klaczkiewicz - Tutt'Art@ - (14) Damian Klaczkiewicz2 Damian Klaczkiewicz3 Damian Klaczkiewicz4 Damian Klaczkiewicz5 Damian Klaczkiewicz6 Damian Klaczkiewicz7 Damian_Klaczkiewicz Damian-Klaczkiewicz-part3-2

Rush hour

22 08 2014

Rush Hourby David Halliday

Rise of the suburbs…

21 08 2014

Rise of the suburbs

Someone should do an analysis of the suburbs as a cultural phenom


by David Halliday

John Alexander Scott Coutts… John Willie

21 08 2014

You can guess why his nickname is John Willie. A world of fetishism, bondage, and other isms that I am not aware. It is a fantasy world, not much different than Hallmark, but it is part of the human experience. The silly part.

John Willie1 John Willie2 John Willie3 John Willie4 John Willie5 John Willie6 John Willie7 John Willie8 John Willie9

prairie dogs 2

21 08 2014

prairie dogs2by David Halliday

Natasha thinks the girls in the picture are stupid…

21 08 2014

Natasha thinks the girls in the picture are David Halliday


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