Blind love

25 04 2014

Blind LoveI am pissed. My yahoo was hacked and a letter asking for money was sent to all my contacts. Years of contacts. Contacts that I don’t even contact. And my contacts disappeared. I can’t get email. And I’ve got this rash in my…

by David Halliday

patricia ariel

24 04 2014

Her work is striking. Visually, I feel like I’m in an ice cream parlor. It is not edgy. That’s neither a plus or a negative. but her focus is fairly narrowly drawn. Does that sound vague? I just sold my house and I’m feeling a little damp. Its raining out.

Patricia Ariel - The Calling patricia ariel1 patricia ariel2 patricia ariel3 patricia ariel4 patricia ariel5 patricia ariel6 patricia ariel7 patricia ariel8


August afternoon at the beach

23 04 2014

August afternoon at the beachPeople who go to the beach are trying to turn themselves in gold.

by David Halliday

‘…and everybody kept playing Sargeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band…’

22 04 2014

and everybody kept playing..I can’t comment. The dishes are screaming.

by David Halliday


22 04 2014

His work is wonderful. And there is a lot of it. And judging by his artist’s sight, he likes to talk. Love an artist who talks. Not bragging. Just yacking. Myself, I do not talk. I lost my tongue when I was a child. One winter day on an rod iron fence by our school. And a sneeze. Boban.

Boban 3 Boban 4 Boban 7 Boban 13 Boban5

An angel from the coast

21 04 2014

an angel from the coastv2The meeting of the mall and the vestibule. Both are places for the worship of god. One money, the other time. And time is money.

by David Halliday

Alexandre Coll

21 04 2014

cut and paste is always interesting. Some of Alexandre Coll’s work is fine indeed.

Alexandre Coll5 Alexandre Coll6 Alexandre Coll7 Alexandre Coll8


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