something in the way

28 07 2014

something in the way.

‘only one life’ left her with the kids

27 07 2014

only one life left her with the kids

nows a great time to tell me

27 07 2014

nows a great time to tell me2


26 07 2014

First of all there are a ton of jokes. Visual as well written. Puns. Irony. Satire. And visually interesting. I don’t know why this artist took the name of Twinklestar. 

Twinklestar1 Twinklestar2 Twinklestar3 Twinklestar4 Twinklestar5 Twinklestar6 Twinklestar7 Twinklestar8 Twinklestar9 Twinklestar10 Twinklestar11 Twinklestar12

bush whackers

26 07 2014

bush whackerstwo words I like the sound of


by David Halliday

a woman is seduced by a window

26 07 2014

a woman is seduced by a window3or maybe it was a mirror


by David Halliday

a Canadian icon passes on

25 07 2014

A Canadian icon passes on..Canadian artists, writers, poets, etc live in a world of their own creation. Not the artists on the street as the artists of the classroom. Artists who have scratched some notoriety out of the public media…. I must apologize for that last statement. I’m being attacked by a virus…


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