A port in every storm…

19 04 2014

A port in every stormor a storm in every port

by David Halliday

Bruce New

19 04 2014

Variety, expansive imagination, innovative, craftsmanship, all are evident in Bruce New’s work. I am going to have to make a habit of returning to this artist’s sight.

brucenew1 brucenew2 brucenew3 brucenew4 brucenew5 brucenew6 brucenew7Bruce New1 bruce-new2 Bruce-New-6

a girl in a car by a garage

19 04 2014

a girl in a car by a garageIts the American dream. A car, a garage, and married to the President.

by David Halliday

1890s Rat Race

18 04 2014

1890s Rat Race

Max Bucaille

18 04 2014

I tried to remember if I had ever created anything like Bucaille’s work. I love this work. Versions of this are probably the first collages I discovered. Its as if we have been drawn into another dimension, another reality.

Bucaille1 Bucaille2 Bucaille3 Bucaille4 Bucaille5 Bucaille6 Bucaille6 Bucaille8 Bucaille9

615 of the same day

17 04 2014

615 of the same daySomething happened earlier that day…

by David Halliday

Andrey Bobir

16 04 2014

David Halliday:

wonderful work

Originally posted on Stephen Kelly Creative:

Consciens While doing background research on this week’s featured artist, Andrey Bobir , and his trippy surreal art,  I was a little surprised that I was unable to uncover much on the man, or his interesting photo-realistic technique. What I did discover was that he is 27 years old and he lives and works in Almaty, the former capital of Kazakhstan. All of the work seen here was created digitally using 3ds max and Photoshop, his preferred medium. Themes of loss, alienation, loneliness, the concept of consciousness and an overall pessimistic view of technology are common themes that he revisits in his work.

As I like to say in cases like this, perhaps it’s best to let the art speak for itself, in this case, the ultra-surrealist digital art of Andrey Bobir. Check out the gallery after the jump.

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