Mr. and Mrs. McGuire of Bradshaw and their late son Alton.

25 10 2014

Mr. and Mrs. McGuire and their late son Alton

Fascinating how people have posed for portraits knowing that when people look at them, they will be dead.

by David Halliday

Steve Argy

25 10 2014

Mr. Argy is a musician. A base player. He is also a fine collage artist. His work is playful. Somewhat… edgy. There is some nudity. But its joyful. They are the kind of collages that I fell in love with as a kid.

SteveArgy1 SteveArgy2 SteveArgy3 SteveArgy4 SteveArgy5 SteveArgy6


wind instruments

25 10 2014

Wind Instrumentsby David Halliday

tunes that stick to the pan

the widow’s song

25 10 2014

the widow's songby David Halliday

Warren Chang

25 10 2014

Paintings with stories. Depth and warmth. You can see both his commercial influences and the land itself. It just looks like California.

Warren Chang1 Warren Chang2 Warren Chang3 Warren Chang4 warren chang5 warren chang6 warren chang7

The disappearance of Morgan Reilly

24 10 2014

The Disappearance of Morgan Reillyby David Halliday

the butler did it in the maid’s room

24 10 2014

the butler did it in the maid's roomby David Halliday


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