Tamara de Lempicka

23 02 2014

She was a flapper. Spoiled, rich, and talented she did everything to excess. But like Daisy in “The Great Gatsby”, is there anything there?

tamara de Lempicka1 tamara de Lempicka2 tamara de Lempicka3 tamara de Lempicka6 tamara de Lempicka7 tamara de Lempicka8 Microsoft Word - Tamara de Lempicka - NY, Spring 2012.docx tamara de Lempicka10 tamara de Lempicka11 tamara de Lempicka12 tamara de Lempicka13 Tamara_de_Lempicka5



Marcin Jakubowski

15 02 2014

Steam punk reminds me of Ayn Rand. The romanticizing of the industrial revolution. Wedded to a gruesome future (past) where nature has been subdued. (Mostly destroyed.) Although clearly fantasy it is also intriguing. Marcin Jakubowski’s work is in that mode.

Marcin Jakubowski1 Marcin Jakubowski2 Marcin Jakubowski3 Marcin Jakubowski4 Marcin Jakubowski5 Marcin Jakubowski6


Kirsty Mitchell

15 01 2014

Her work is enchanting. Staged. Well produced. Intoxicating, I would say. Its just not the creativity but the work and planning that makes it so exciting.

Kirsty Mitchell

Kirsty_Mitchell_1 Kirsty_Mitchell_2 Kirsty_Mitchell_11 Kirsty-Mitchell_0 Kirsty-Mitchell-2 kirsty-mitchell8 Kirsty-Mitchell-10 Kirsty-Mitchell-12 Kirsty-Mitchells3 Kirtsy Mitchell1 Kirtsy Mitchell4 Kirtsy Mitchell5 Kirtsy Mitchell6 Kirtsy Mitchell7


Rosa Borreale

14 01 2014

Realities in collision. Parallel worlds. One ideal. And sometimes the other as well. Wonderful story telling.

Rosa Borreale1 Rosa Borreale2 Rosa Borreale3 Rosa Borreale4 Rosa Borreale5 Rosa Borreale7 Rosa Borreale8 Rosa_Borreale6

Lucile Blanch

8 01 2014

You’re never sure that every piece of work ascribed to an artist is theirs. A lot of Blanch’s work is ‘naive’ art. One has the feeling of being in the moment. Mundane chores, ordinary buldings, common people. She was one of the founders of the Woodstock Artist Community.

lucile blance9 lucile blanche1 lucile blanche2 lucile blanche3 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA lucile blanche5 lucile blanche6 lucile blanche7 lucile blanche8 lucile blanche9

Melissa Grimes

22 08 2013

Melissa Grimes work is fun. Sometimes I’m not sure if she is poking fun at the 1950s or wishing she were back there. She is a wonderful artist.

Melissa Grimes1 Melissa Grimes2 Melissa Grimes3 Melissa Grimes4 Melissa Grimes5 Melissa Grimes6 Melissa Grimes7 Melissa Grimes8 Melissa Grimes9 Melissa Grimes10


Robert Vickrey

8 08 2013

Robert Vickrey. Just by choice of topic one could assume that Vickrey was an idealist/romantic. He sees things in a pure form. Children, nuns, sunny days, J.D. Salinger. Iconic images of innocence.


Robert Vickrey1 Robert Vickrey2 Robert Vickrey3 Robert Vickrey4 Robert Vickrey5 Robert Vickrey6 Robert Vickrey7

Marcel Caram

6 08 2013

A Daliesque landscape. The 1950s version of the human psyche. I like the feeling of infinity in this work. And the sense of timelessness.

Marcel-Caram1 Marcel-Caram2 Marcel-Caram3 Marcel-Caram4 Marcel-Caram5 Marcel-Caram6 Marcel-Caram7

Adalberto Ortiz

24 07 2013

What is attractive is the simplicity. And then the nostalgia. Without too much sentimentality. What is not there? People. Its very odd. So the stories Adalberto Ortiz tells are about buildings.

I am primarily interested in line, geometric shapes, and surface textures—often arranged in simple formal compositions. My work sometimes depicts images that consist of flat abstract shapes in representational environments. I like to play with flat surface shapes that imply depth and distance through line.

Adalberta Ortiz1 Adalberta Ortiz2 Adalberta Ortiz3 Adalberta Ortiz4 Adalberta Ortiz5 Adalberta Ortiz6 Adalberta Ortiz7

John Tierney

5 07 2013

British designer Paul Smith, who says: “The first time I saw [his] work I was so impressed by his skill. I love the photorealist feel to his work and am really pleased to be able to show it at my shop, which in fact he has featured in a lot of his paintings!” Tierney is interested in both the urban landscape of Los Angeles and the desert landscape of Joshua Tree. The light in LA and the desert have, for him, a particular resonance and are critical in conveying a strong sense of place in his paintings.

I love Tierney’s work. Partly because some of my own work is veering in the same direction and also because of the flatness and simplicity of his colours.

John Tierney1 John Tierney2 John Tierney3 John Tierney4 John Tierney5 John Tierney7 John Tierney8 John Tierney9


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