Franz Xavier Winterhalter

1 03 2015

Franz Xaver Winterhalter was a German painter and lithographer, known for his portraits of royalty in the mid-nineteenth century. His name has become associated with fashionable court portraiture.

These are the selfies of the 19th century. Vanity is not a modern invention.



Brad Kunkle

28 12 2014

I find Kunkle’s work interesting mostly because of the gilding. Gold or copper, I am not sure. It is mesmerizing. The paintings themselves leave me a little confused. I’m not sure what any of them are about. If  you watch the video you can get a feel of his opening show. Seems like he sells very well.

brad kunkle6757765775_84836c6ac4_b brad kunklebrad7 brad kunkleEidolon_lrg brad kunkleimg_2627 brad kunkleIslands_lrg brad kunkleMesmerizing_Oil_Paintings_Brad_Kunkle_afflante_0 brad kunkleromanticheskie-portretyi-devushek-brad-kunkle-38 brad kunkleSummoning a Sleeper brad kunkleThe-Search_web

Ben Kehoe

29 11 2014

He (Ben Kehoe) lives in another world. One not too far from The Family Guy. I was going to put a clip from the show in here but they are pretty crude… Ben Kehoe’s work is not crude. But a little tongue in cheek. Or a least a grin. Like the Bob Newhart Show.

BKehoe1 BKehoe2 BKehoe4 BKehoe5 BKehoe6 BKenoe3Ben Kehoe3 Ben Kehoe4 Ben Kehoe5 ben_kehoe_01 ben_kehoe_03 ben_kehoe_04 benkehoe1 benkehoeheadinthetrees

rudy nappi

27 11 2014

The dramas and cliches grown out of teenage boy fantasies. Tough guys and loose women. The ones that didn’t graduate from high school and hung around the local gas station.

rudy nappi. shock. 001 rudy nappi. the price of surrender. 001 rudy nappi1 rudy nappi2 rudy nappi3 rudy nappi4 rudy nappi5 rudy nappi6 rudy nappi7 rudy nappi8 rudy nappi9


David Brayne

25 11 2014

There is something so ethereal about Brayne’s work. Like his work is about ghosts. Memories. Events that have passed by. Quietly.

David Brayne (4) David Brayne (16) David Brayne (20) David Brayne (21) David Brayne5 David Brayne8 David Brayne9 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA David_Brayne2 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA david-brayne6

Nicoletta Tomas Caravia

12 11 2014

I’ve never seen an artist so preoccupied with ‘the embrace’. She balances between art, the pornographic, and sentimentality.

Nicoletta Tomas Caravia. 8 Nicoletta Tomas Caravia2 Nicoletta Tomas Caravia3 Nicoletta Tomas Caravia6 Nicoletta Tomas Caravia7 Nicoletta Tomas Caravia10 Nicoletta Tomas Caravia11 Nicoletta Tomas Caravia13 Nicoletta Tomas Caravia14 Nicoletta Tomas Caravia-ImpressioniArtistiche-3 Nicoletta Tomas Caravia-ImpressioniArtistiche-16

5 minutes with Krushchev

2 11 2014

5 minutes with Krushchev

an almost forgotten figure in modern history. When I was  young, he was the enemy.


by David Halliday


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