The Patterson Sisters

14 11 2014

by David Halliday

JK Potter

11 11 2014

JK Potter. Love his work. Filled with creepy images and laughs.

JK Potter 5 JK Potter 8 JK Potter1 JK Potter2 JK Potter3 JK Potter6 JK Potter9 JK Potter21


David Halliday’s Street Party

14 08 2014


they were just there…

23 05 2014

They were just... there v2

Queen of Sweden at Paul McCartney’s apartment 1967

11 05 2014

Queen of Sweden at Paul McCartney's apartment 1967

Gone fishing

2 04 2014

gone fishingThere is a Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby song that I love. Its called ‘gone fishing’.

‘and I won’t back down’

27 03 2014

And I won't back downI became a fan of Tom Petty. Especially his song about rebellion. And I won’t back down.

by David Halliday



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