they were just there…

23 05 2014

They were just... there v2

Queen of Sweden at Paul McCartney’s apartment 1967

11 05 2014

Queen of Sweden at Paul McCartney's apartment 1967

Gone fishing

2 04 2014

gone fishingThere is a Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby song that I love. Its called ‘gone fishing’.

‘and I won’t back down’

27 03 2014

And I won't back downI became a fan of Tom Petty. Especially his song about rebellion. And I won’t back down.

by David Halliday


Roberto Matta

25 01 2014

What does it all mean? Surrealist art screams this out. But does not answer.

Roberto Matta1 Roberto Matta3 Roberto Matta4 Roberto Matta5 Roberto Matta6 Roberto Matta7 Roberto Matta8 roberto-matta2


Marnie Weber

7 12 2013

Marnie Weber.

This artist certainly has a broad paint brush. Her work is fanciful, immersed in the fanciful nightmares of early childhood. I am not sure where it is headed. Perhaps she will come up with some more surprises in her next work.

Rétrospective Marnie Weber au Magasin (Grenoble) by sloggysa

Marnie Webber1 Marnie Webber2 Marnie Webber3 marnie weber 003 marnie weber 6 Marnie_Weber_1203177411_1 marnie_weber4

Alessandro Bavari

6 12 2013

His work reaches into the bizarre. Perhaps even the horrible. Reminding one of the Dutch painters in the middle ages, Brueghel and Bosch. Alessandro Bavari.

bavari1 bavari2 bavari3 bavari4 bavari5 bavari6 Bavari7 Bavari9 Bavari10 Bavari11 Bavari12




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