Alessandro Bavari

6 12 2013

His work reaches into the bizarre. Perhaps even the horrible. Reminding one of the Dutch painters in the middle ages, Brueghel and Bosch. Alessandro Bavari.

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Anita O’Day

25 11 2013

This singer is one of the most alluring figures I have ever seen on stage. Her life was tragic. But listen to that voice. A poem about her appears in my ebook, Saints of Jazz


Anita O’Day (October 18, 1919 – November 23, 2006)

The doctors leaned over. Slit open Anita’s throat. Like they were parting the Red Sea. Like they were opening a zipper. White Studebakers rolled slowly down the lane. Her eyes opened with surprise. A gurgle that sounded like laughter.

On the road. Cheek against the glass. Too many buses. Too many stops. In empty rooms. Too many handsome men with dark sunglasses. And wicked laughs. Garters slid so slowly down a calf. And you sometimes had to wait hours. For the sun to reappear. Empty hearts. And wallets. Promises were made. So sweet. The morning light. Stockings over chairs.

Raped in a gas station washroom. 31 storms crossed 6 states. Killing 340. The worst smog in London. Four to 8,000 died. But who’s counting. The floor was wet. And the mirror was out of focus. A radio was crying. A Studebaker pulled up for gas.

Too many hangers dripping. With dreams. Too many office buildings after hours. Elevators out of service. Too much talk about nothing. A heart sling. Gin, lemon juice, sugar, and soda. And His name in vain. Thrown at the shadows from the chair over there. Too many cloudy mirrors. Too many cheap diners. Too many miles going nowhere. Too many walls for company.


13 08 2013

I only know this artist as Conor. He started out as a graffitti artist. Since then he has expanded. His work is just fabulous.

Check out his websight and blog. Conor says boom.

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I Who Have Nothing

13 04 2013

Have always loved this song. It is over the edge. And no one sings over the edge songs like Shirley Bassey. And then there is Joe Cocker’s version. And Tom Jones. But my favourite is Terry Knight and the Pack. Terry Knight was a disc jokey at CKLW in Windsor Ontario when I was going to school there. He does the song in the tradition of kleenex tissue songs like Leader of the Pack. Great stuff.

young girl

such small hands

13 04 2013

If John Lennon were alive today I think he might have written a song like this one. Its over the top. but still very interesting.


Paint It Black

9 04 2013

I believe that Jaggar wrote this about the death of Brian Jones. I remember listening to it in a pool  hall while on the television there was Walter Cronkite and the CBS News. And report after report on the War in Vietnam. There was a romantic darkness in all of our hearts but I don’t think this song is romantic at all. It is grit. And very depressing.

Tom Waits

3 04 2013

Tom Waits always seemed old to me. His voice was old. Raspy and tarnished like Dylan’s voice is now. But then I saw a picture of Waits as a kid and I realized I knew him. He was the kid next door. The one who walked around the neighbourhood on stilts and peaked in people’s windows. And he always smoked. Like it was the cigarette that was singing and Waits was his dummy. But he’s a great talent. And I’ve loved him like the aunt who we used to visit in Baltimore. And who used to hug me so tight in her big bosom.

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