and you tell me over and over and over again…

30 10 2014

and you tell me over and over and over againby David Halliday

36 Botfield Lane

29 10 2014

36 Botfield LaneI suppose I should know what I’m doing.


by David Halliday

Ben Young

29 10 2014

Hard not to be impressed by this work. And I’ll bet his greatest influence was grade 10 geography. Ben Young

Ben Young1 Ben Young2 Ben Young3 Ben Young4 Ben Young5 Ben Young6 Ben Young7 Ben Young8 Ben Young9 Ben Young10


the poet and the slut

28 10 2014

the poet and the slutI hate both words. I’ve met neither. They are iconic figures rather than human beings.


by David Halliday

Helmut Newton

28 10 2014

Newton must be one of the most recognizable and controversial photographers. He is best known for his fashion photography and photos of famous people. What’s gotten most attention is his nudes. They are always arresting. All of his photographs that I have seen looked staged. And because of that they remind me of collages. The parts of his pieces are not there by happenchance. Nor are they natural. But they do seem to be like scenes from a story/film. There is a atmosphere in his photos of fascism. A kind of fetish for the 40s. Like a wet dream and a nightmare at the same time.

helmut_newton1 helmut_newton2 helmut_newton3 helmut_newton4 helmut_newton5 helmut_newton6 helmut_newton7

Sunday roast beef

28 10 2014

Sunday roast beefwith leftovers for two days.


by David Halliday

pudding up my feets

27 10 2014

Pudding up my feets Pudding up my feetsv2 Pudding up my feetsv22by Daivd Halliday


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