Dante and Virgil in rush hour

30 07 2014

Dante and Virgil in rush hourv2The older I get the more apt “The Inferno” and the Flemish masters, Brueghel and Bosch.


by David Halliday

Dylan in transit

30 07 2014

Dylan in transit2Dylan is a crazy oasis in the middle of an insane world.


by David Halliday

Daan Botlet

29 07 2014

Its the simplicity of his work, the cleverness, (and there’s always a third) its audacity, and the humor. Plain joy.

Daan Botlet1 Daan Botlet2 Daan Botlet3 Daan Botlet4 Daan Botlet5 Daan Botlet6 daan-botlek-06 DaanBotlek7_FRANK151 Daan-Botlek-Street-Art-4-600x399

I remember Irene

29 07 2014

I remember IreneThis is not Irene. But I’m having trouble remembering her face.


by David Halliday

Takahiro Kimura

29 07 2014

Takahiro Kimura has got to be one of the most interesting and exciting collagist. When I first saw his work, I was caught up in his technique. How did he do it. It is as if he has taken cut and paste, then printed, then colourized it using crayons. The colours are fabulous. And then he has this great book out. With a fabulous video. You must watch the video. If there is a downside to his work, and I’m not saying it is a downside, it is that his work has his signature all over it. You immediately see that it is the same artist who has done each piece. A kind of boredom could set in. But not for me.

Takahiro Kimura1 Takahiro Kimura2 Takahiro Kimura3 Takahiro Kimura4 Takahiro Kimura7 Takahiro Kimura8 Takahiro Kimura9 Takahiro Kimura10


29 07 2014

Nightmaremy take on someone else’s nightmare

Nate Hallinan

28 07 2014

I’m a Concept Artist who has worked in film, commercials, video games and a variety of other media. I began my career in 2007 and never looked back. I primarily do concept art, having held both lead and senior positions, but I also provide illustration, matte painting and art direction services. I have experience working in-house for several game and commercial studios, but I currently and keep busy as a contract/freelance artist

Thats what Nate Hallinan has to say about his work. Better to look at this marvellous artist’s work.

Nate Hallinan1 Nate Hallinan2 Nate Hallinan3 Nate Hallinan4 Nate Hallinan5 NateHallinan_ChildGeneral NateHallinan_Dusk

the pleasure of plants

28 07 2014

The pleasure of plants

something in the way

28 07 2014

something in the way.

‘only one life’ left her with the kids

27 07 2014

only one life left her with the kids


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