pawel kuczynski

28 11 2014

Some of the most sharp, biting satire that you’ll see.

Paul Kuczynski (10) pawel kuczynski1 pawel kuczynski2 pawel kuczynski3 Pawel_Kuczynski_53 Pawel-Kuczynski_548627_506746606020590_1790865910_n pawel-kuczynski-2-4 PawelKuczynski68 Pawel-Kuczynski-satirical-illustration-27

a man contemplates a fish dinner…

28 11 2014

a man contemplates a fish dinnerby David Halliday

Rhonda, you look so sweet

27 11 2014

Rhonda, you look so David Halliday

rudy nappi

27 11 2014

The dramas and cliches grown out of teenage boy fantasies. Tough guys and loose women. The ones that didn’t graduate from high school and hung around the local gas station.

rudy nappi. shock. 001 rudy nappi. the price of surrender. 001 rudy nappi1 rudy nappi2 rudy nappi3 rudy nappi4 rudy nappi5 rudy nappi6 rudy nappi7 rudy nappi8 rudy nappi9


Irina Werning

27 11 2014

Back to the Future. Work by Irina Werning. You can’t wait to see the next pair. Years ago (actually a couple weekends ago) I thought of doing this. Same person. Same pose. Same details. Ten or more years apart.  But God, it seemed like a lot of work. Something I never champion. Glad that Ms. Werning put the time in.

IWerning1 IWerning2 IWerning3 IWerning4 IWerning5 IWerning6

peddle your feet on the glass and wait for the moment to settle down…

27 11 2014

Peddle your David Halliday

No.12 or No.14 (I’m not sure)

27 11 2014

No. 12 or No. 14 (I'm not sure)by David Halliday


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