1 09 2014

David Halliday:

This is a great idea for a house in Toronto.

Originally posted on OKNO WORLD:

What is a riad?

The word riad comes from the Arabian term for garden  and it’s a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden or courtyard. That courtyard or garden is the central element of the building.

All of the rooms open into the central atrium space.The riads were inward focused, which allowed for family privacy and protection from the weather in Morocco,this design principle found support in Islamic notions of privacy for women inside residential gardens.

Staying in a riad is like staying in a palace each room is individually decorated with hand-carved doorways and hand-painted doors and shutters. Some rooms have private terraces some other might have a jacuzzi.

Today I want to share with you some of the most beautiful riad pictures. ENJOY !


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Junior Waldroff’s Workout

1 09 2014

Junior Waldroff's WorkoutSweat. What an odd idea.


by David Halliday

Samantha Mash

1 09 2014

Love these illustrations. They are very aerodynamic. Samantha Mash

Samantha Mash1 Samantha Mash2 Samantha Mash3 Samantha Mash4 Samantha Mash5 Samantha Mash6 Samantha Mash7

girl fading away

1 09 2014

girl fading awayby David Halliday

Forbidden planet

1 09 2014

forbidden planetby David Halliday

Ellen of Roy

31 08 2014

Ellen of RoyMy head is 3 miles up. And my feet are nailed to the ground.


by David Halliday

Booze and Spanish Liquor

31 08 2014

Booze and Spanish LiquorAfter the Bob Dylan song, “Boots of Spanish Leather”


by David Halliday


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