In a sentimental mood

20 12 2014

In a sentimental moodby David Halliday

I do not know what it was that I did wrong…

19 12 2014

I do not know what it was that I did David Halliday

Serban Savu

19 12 2014

Figurative painter Serban Savu’s skilfully rendered canvases capture the daily existence of contemporary Romanians at work and leisure. Savu treats his protagonists’ facial characteristics in a generic manner, causing their individual identities to remain elusive. Interior scenes depict people unaware of our gaze and absorbed in their own worlds, viewed through glass and embedded in compositions governed by architectural features. Exterior rural landscapes often portray solitary figures in the middle-distance, isolated and overwhelmed. The result is a series of poignant, observational ‘snapshots’ that obliquely reveal the psyche of the ‘ordinary’ Romanian as the country experiences political change and economic growth. 

serban-savu_01 serban-savu_02 serban-savu_03 serban-savu_04 serban-savu_05 serban-savu_06 serban-savu_07 serban-savu_08 serban-savu_11 serban-savu_15 serban-savu_18 serban-savu_23

Batman’s Unusual Adventure

19 12 2014

Batman's unusual adventureby David Halliday

Kris Lewis

18 12 2014

Kris Lewis is a Los Angeles-based artist whose influences include Alfonse Bougereau, Andrew Wyeth, Hans Holbein, Albrecht Durer, Hieronymus Bosch, Gustav Klimt, and Jules-Bastien LePage. His reverence for masters of old is apparent in his depiction of the human figure, which he uses as a vector for hidden stories, delicate emotion, and finding truth. His affinity for people-watching also informs his paintings, collecting glances, gestures, miens and hints and channeling them through the canvas for the viewer to share in the experience.

The paintings are filled with stories, the secrets of which seem to lie in images, birds, foxes, butterflies, seas. The central figures have a somewhat dazed look (like deer in the headlights).

kris-lewis_01 kris-lewis_02a kris-lewis_03 kris-lewis_04 kris-lewis_06 kris-lewis_07 kris-lewis_10 kris-lewis_11 kris-lewis_13 kris-lewis_17

Paul Corfield

18 12 2014

In the theory of Multiple Universes, every universe that can be imagined will exist somewhere. So I see a universe like Mr. Corfield’s landscapes populated by his pin up girls. What would the creatures from the movie ‘Alien’ think of it?

paul corfield157yvqb paul corfieldaa paul corfieldcorfield-bombs paul corfieldCorfield-Pin-Up-pin-up-girls-5438paul corfield348-390-600 paul corfieldf4cf556f3256b251caf68ef20af96300 paul corfieldl_pc07009_paul_corfield_misty hollows paul corfieldpc06002_paul_corfield_the place we love paul corfieldpco-cliffs-f paul corfieldUntitled_Study_84

leonard koscianski

18 12 2014

“Fierceness is in all of us,” he observes, “It erupts from the depths of our animal brain. As we mature we learn to control it… when uncontrolled it can destroy us. Reaching any difficult goal requires a certain amount of inner fierceness.”

Birds of prey and wild dogs. The placidity of suburban life and fear. Is this the ‘white man’s’ soul? At least in America. Koscianski raises questions both personal and communal.

leonard koscianski5 leonard koscianski2010-09-03-090110_email leonard koscianski21288-1380596597-Koscianski_Evening_Hours-xl leonard koscianskiBhwbAhDCYAETiVp.jpg large leonard koscianskiDog leonard koscianskiFrom-the-Window-Egg-Tempera_sharp_email leonard koscianskinight-lights leonard koscianskiSmall-Suburbia_WEB Leonard-Koscianski-01



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